Official Transcript Request

Students have two options to order transcripts:

  1. Order transcripts online via Web Advisor option. (10-14 business days for processing)
  2. Order transcript online via Electronic Request option. (2-4 business days for processing)

Use this link to order transcripts:

It is not possible to pick up an official transcript. If you need a copy for your own records you can print out an unofficial transcript.

Transcript Type: (Required) Select the type that describes the transcript information that you want included on the transcript. This type will be used in selecting the classes that you have taken that will be included on the transcript.

Recipient: (Required) Enter the name of the person or company to whom you want the transcript sent.

Modifier: (Not required) If you need a second line to identify the recipient, enter it here. For example, you might enter "Attention: Human Resources Dept" if you are sending your transcript to a potential employer.

Address: (Required) Enter the street address/apartment in the boxes immediately beneath the Address heading. Enter the City/State/Zip in the indicated boxes.

Copies to be sent: (Required) Select the number of copies of the transcript that you want to have sent to this recipient.

If you want to send transcripts to more than one person or company, you must submit each request separately and then return to the page to submit the next request.

After completing the application, click Submit.


There are two types of requests:

  • Electronic Request Option (Expedited)
    • Has a minimal fee
  • Web Advisor
    • Is free

See for more detailed information.

Technical Support > Unknown > Service > Request

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