MyHCC (Canvas) Access Instructions (Students / Employees)


Access MyHCC, HawkNet online resources, and HCCLive help from the top banner of the homepage:

1. Check Your Browser

MyHCC supports the latest browser versions and Flash plug-in release. We strongly recommend that you check for supported browsers and update to the newest versions. HCC recommends using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Visit the Canvas site for more information:

2. MyHCC First Time Users – Validate Your NetID:

From the HCC homepage top banner click “HawkNet” and then “NetID” ( Select “Go to NetID” and follow the instructions.

3. Go to MyHCC:

MyHCC is where you access your online classes. From the HCC homepage, click “MyHCC”.

Use your full HCC email or Hawkmail as your user name:

Your Password is the NetID password you set up when you validated your NetID. Forgot your password? Go to NetID at

When Can I Log in? Just like your campus-based class you “enter” your online class on the first day of the semester.

Problems Logging In?

If you are using the correct user name and password combination and receive a log in error like this:

You should attempt to clear your browser’s cache and make sure your browser is not saving passwords.

To change the save password settings:

To clear the browser cache for just one page:

  • In Mozilla Firefox, press Ctrl-Shift-R, or press Ctrl-F5 (hold down the Ctrl key and click F5).
  • In Google Chrome, press Ctrl-Shift-R, or hold the Shift or Ctrl key and click the Refresh button.

We do not recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge as a browser to use with Canvas/MyHCC. We recommend Firefox or Chrome.

When you log in always use your complete email address: or .

Need Help? We’re Here for You:

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